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Why the Foundation? – Lord Laidlaw


Read Lord Laidlaw's 2020 St Andrews Laidlaw Scholars Celebration and Poster Exhibition Speech: Full Transcript November 10th, 2020 In my 78 years I have never seen a time when so many leaders in politics, business, the church, and other [...]

#TheGoodLeader: Mitigating the Climate Crisis – Beth Davenport


Durham Laidlaw Scholarship alumna Beth discusses her research into plant genetic engineering techniques, white privilege, and the relationship between COVID19 and the climate crisis. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1nXzcmw3aAXrna3HymmR2Y?si=k_y6poHfQead8YgMG4zD9Q Listen to #TheGoodLeader podcast on: Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe, give us a [...]

#TheGoodLeader: Rewriting History – Shirley Thompson OBE


Composer, academic, and cultural activist Dr Shirley J. Thompson discusses the importance of constantly questioning the status quo, transforming established narratives, and how music can change the world. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ruaHcnRJzbMVL1eZLd5tE?si=h2Qmoi_gQ3alJttyzTd4Qg Listen to #TheGoodLeader on: Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts. For references and the [...]

#TheGoodLeader: Reconceptualising Justice – Sanjna Ullal


University of Toronto Laidlaw Scholar Sanjna Ullal discusses her project into the double-marginalisation of dalit women in urban India, the importance of personal identity in conducting research, and her podcast, Women Advocating for Change. https://open.spotify.com/episode/2promtMkibyPD78Vxpbsm5?si=4LEIrP1dRsavJYbxYyeoCg Listen to #TheGoodLeader on: Spotify, iTunes, [...]

Mental Health in Kenya

2020-07-08T10:30:34+01:00Report, Social Sciences|

By Collins Mokua (Columbia University) View Collins' research poster here. Mentors: Christine Musyimi, PhD, Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation; Kathleen Pike, PhD, Director, Global Mental Health WHO Collaborating Centre at Columbia University; Research Question: What systems are [...]

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