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Address: Laidlaw Schools Trust
Suite 2, 3rd Floor, St Nicholas Building
St Nicholas’ Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

General enquiries: 

Laidlaw Schools Trust enquiries:

Phone: (0191) 662 2400

Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship enquiries:

Patricia Lofthouse, CEO


Women’s Business Education Scholarship enquiries: 

Susanna Kempe, CEO


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Call for Papers for the 2nd Margins to Centre undergrad history #conference is out! A great opportunity for students across Britain to focus on marginalised histories. Follow the new organiser @DigitalRohin for updates! #UGhistconf #twitterhistorians #CFP

With her #research, Leeds #LaidlawScholar @Faridaugust is telling the stories 🗨️ of West African resistance fighters that have been largely overlooked in historical narratives surrounding WW2.

Read Farida's story: #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter

Last week, 33 years ago, Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso's revolutionary #leader, was assassinated.

He strived for major social & economic change - committed to #education, #sustainability, & #genderequality.

Sankara's legacy continues to inspire us to dare to invent the future.

Recently, our CEO @SVKempe & Chairman Lord Laidlaw welcomed the debut cohort of #LaidlawScholars at @LBS.

It is clear: these extraordinary #women will change the world of #business & lift others along the way. We're delighted to support them on their journeys. #womeninbusiness

London Business School@LBS

Last week the first cohort of #LaidlawScholars came together with leaders of @LaidlawFoundatn to share their stories, inspirations and ambitions. Read the full story here: #WomenLeaders

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