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Address: Laidlaw Foundation, c/o Laidlaw Schools Trust
Suite 2, 3rd Floor, St Nicholas Building
St Nicholas’ Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Phone: (0191) 662 2400

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Please note: the Laidlaw Foundation is not a grant-giving organisation. Neither Lord Laidlaw nor the Foundation fund any activities outside of our current programmes.

The astonishing @DameStephanie_ built a $3 billion tech empire in 1960s England—and did it with an all-female staff.

How did she accomplish such a feat? Here she advises us to be #brave and #fast in overcoming our fears.

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Congratulations @tcddublin #LaidlawScholars from the 2020 Cohort on concluding your time in the programme! 🎉🎉

We're thrilled to finally celebrate your achievements in person after the two years you've spent with us and wish you all the best.

@TCDLaidlaw @TCDCareers


In May 1429, 17-year-old Joan of Arc led the French army to victory siege of Orléans.

Her words remind us to be #ambitious in choosing our challenges and mentally #determined as we address them. ⚔️

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#MondayMotivation #leadership #history

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