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Address: Laidlaw Schools Trust
Suite 2, 3rd Floor, St Nicholas Building
St Nicholas’ Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Please note: the Laidlaw Foundation is not a grant-giving organisation. Neither Lord Laidlaw nor the Foundation fund any activities outside of our current programmes.

Laidlaw Schools Trust enquiries:

Phone: (0191) 662 2400

Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship enquiries:

Patricia Lofthouse, CEO


Women’s Business Education Scholarship enquiries: 

Susanna Kempe, CEO


Wishing #RamadanMubarak to all our friends who celebrate! May this holy month be full of blessings and joy ✨#Ramadan

There are always #leadership lessons we can learn from others.

Despite his 'gaffes', we admire that #PrincePhilip gave up his career for the Queen. Sometimes the most powerful action a leader can take is devoting their life to enabling someone else to lead.

What do you think?

We are delighted to welcome @IanSimpsonCEO to Laidlaw Schools Trust this week!

In his first weeks as CEO Ian will be visiting schools across the Trust.

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Junko Tabei was the 1st woman to climb Mount Everest.

Tabei faced severe sexism - men refused to climb with her, and she could not secure enough funding.

Still, overcoming challenges with resilience & determination, Tabei reached Everest's summit on 16 May 1975. #leadership

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