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About the Laidlaw Scholars Network

Tap into the power of the Laidlaw Scholars Network – our exclusive digital platform designed to connect Laidlaw community members across programmes and continents.

Delve into our rich research archive, access resources, find mentors, discover opportunities for collaboration, and build meaningful connections with a diverse network of leaders. Whether you are a current Scholar or a seasoned alum, the Network empowers you to grow, contribute, and shape the future.

Please note: While most content on the site is available to the public, features such as direct messaging and certain resources are accessible only to registered users. Registration is by invitation only, extended to participants of Laidlaw programmes.

About the Laidlaw Scholars Network

Mentorship & Guidance

Connect with peers, accomplished alumni, and supportive experts ready to share their knowledge and experience. Gain valuable guidance throughout your journey and navigate your future path with confidence.

Connection & Collaboration

Expand your reach and forge meaningful connections with a diverse community of changemakers across the globe. Collaborate on projects, gain new perspectives, and create lasting bonds with inspiring individuals.

Research Library

Contribute your unique perspectives and expertise to a growing body of independent research published by the Laidlaw community on the most complex and intriguing issues of our time.

Curated Leadership Learning

Gain insights from authoritative leadership experts sharing their lived experience and hard-won leadership lessons. Explore honest, trustworthy advice from 1,000+ Scholars and next-generation leaders.

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