Laidlaw Schools Trust

Transforming Lives Through Extraordinary Education

About the Laidlaw Schools Trust (LST)

The Laidlaw Foundation is the proud sponsor of the Laidlaw Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust in North East England.

Through our sponsorship, we invest in LST’s mission to provide extraordinary education that inspires and empowers students from nursery to sixth form. The Foundation provides funding, resources, and strategic support, enabling LST to develop well-rounded learners equipped with academic excellence, strong character, and the skills to become active, responsible global citizens.

  • Providing per-pupil funding for the transformative Laidlaw+ programme;
  • Investing in new schools who join the Trust;
  • Sponsoring initiatives, such as digital devices and the Laidlaw Teaching and Leadership Centre.

Empowering thousands of young learners across the North East, from nursery to college.

Investing in dedicated teams who create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and languages spoken by our students and staff.

Laidlaw Foundation