Laidlaw Trailblazers

Empowering Women to Reach New Heights

About Laidlaw Trailblazers

The Laidlaw Trailblazers Programme supports extraordinary women from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their dreams of higher education and secure rewarding careers.

Aligned with universities’ widening participation programmes, Laidlaw Trailblazers are the first in their families to attend university and have often experienced diverse educational journeys.

The Programme supports Scholars financially, emotionally and practically to ensure that their university experience is transformative.

Our Partnership with Trinity College Dublin

The Laidlaw Trailblazers programme launched in 2022 in partnership with Trinity College Dublin. Through a collaboration with Trinity Access Programmes, we have so far empowered 20 extraordinary women to break down barriers, pursue their academic aspirations, and embark on their leadership journeys.

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