The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme

Cultivating Next-Generation Leaders

About the Programme

The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme invests in passionate undergraduate students to become ethical leaders in every sector and geography.

We believe good leaders come in all shapes and sizes, from every type of background: the quiet and the gregarious, the scientist and the poet, the musician and the athlete. Whatever your passion or previous experience – you have the potential to lead. 

That’s why we invest in you, providing the tools, support, and a global network to fuel your development. Cultivate your leadership skills, conduct meaningful research, and join a community of change-makers dedicated to creating a more just and equitable future – all fully funded.

Scholar Stories

Discover the impact of our programmes through the diverse stories of Laidlaw Scholars leading with integrity and championing change.

“I have had the opportunity to show leadership through research and turn passion into impact. It has been a key pillar in the growth of my skillset and character.”

—Aly, Laidlaw Scholar at the University of Toronto

“To me, being a Laidlaw Scholar has meant being a part of a community of driven, talented and fundamentally kind people.”

—Saskia, Laidlaw Scholar at Durham University

Laidlaw Scholars from 18 leading universities around the world.

Regions where Laidlaw Scholars are creating tangible impact.

Languages spoken by our Laidlaw Scholar community.

Leadership in Action: Partnership for Positive Impact

The Leadership in Action summer enables Laidlaw Scholars to move from classroom concepts to real-world learning.

Step outside your comfort zone and work with communities to drive sustainable change. Discover the power and complexity of ethical leadership as you learn through service, create and collaborate on joint projects, and bring a shared vision to life.

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