The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme

Ethical Leadership Certificate

Develop Ethical Leadership with the Oxford Character Project

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme, in partnership with the Oxford Character Project, provides a unique opportunity to develop the character traits proven through extensive data studies to be essential for ethical leadership: Purpose, Love, Growth, Humility, and Wisdom.

Through workshops, challenges, and personalised reflection, you will gain the insights and tools to make values-driven decisions and lead with integrity in even the most challenging circumstances.

Leading with Character

The training immerses you in the essence of character-driven leadership, highlighting the role of virtues like Purpose, Empathy, Resilience, Humility, and Wisdom in ethical decision-making. It offers practical tools for addressing ethical challenges, ensuring actions reflect core values.

Engaging in interactive sessions and reflective practices, Laidlaw Scholars are equipped to lead with integrity, inspiring others through their example. This hands-on training empowers you to embody the qualities necessary for impactful leadership.

Unlock Your Potential as an Ethical Leader

Make Values-Driven Decisions

Build upon your existing values to develop the confidence, clarity, and frameworks needed to lead with integrity in all aspects of your life.

Navigate Complex Challenges

Gain the tools and insights to approach ethical dilemmas thoughtfully, make sound judgments under pressure, and address challenges with wisdom.

Inspire Others

Develop the character traits that cultivate trust and respect, becoming a role model for ethical leadership and positively influencing the teams and communities you engage with.

Become the Leader the World Needs

Embark on your leadership journey equipped with the ethical foundation to drive positive change and make a meaningful, sustainable impact in your chosen field and beyond.

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