The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme

Leadership in Action

About Leadership in Action (LIA)

The Leadership in Action is an immersive 6-week project, typically completed during the second summer of the Programme. The LIA takes your learning beyond the classroom, empowering you to translate theory into real-world impact.

Collaborate with communities, build cross-cultural understanding, and put your leadership skills to the test in projects designed for sustainable, long-term change. Through this experience, you will cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a deep commitment to ethical engagement.

What a Leadership in Action Project Entails

Partnerships for Impact

Foster meaningful collaboration with communities and organisations, prioritising ethical leadership and mutual respect. Embrace the challenges of unfamiliar environments, complex problems, and multiple priorities.

Sustainable Solutions

Design and implement projects focused on long-term community benefits. Utilise innovative approaches and SMART goals to ensure clear, achievable, and measurable outcomes.

Learn Through Service

Develop deep empathy for diverse needs, priorities, and perspectives, and become a champion for inclusive, ethical change. Step outside your comfort zone, challenge assumptions, and engage in transformative learning experiences.

Reflexive Growth

Transform your actions into meaningful growth through continuous self-reflection. This will help you deepen your understanding of the community, identify your leadership strengths and areas for development, and examine how your values and actions impact your outcomes.

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