In this episode of The Good Leader podcast, Nikol talks to co-founders of Musemio – a VR edtech platform where culture meets curriculum – Kaitlin Fritz (COO) and Olga Kravchenko (CEO) about their entrepreneurial journey, unconscious bias in the startup world, and the importance of finding your foil.

This week Nikol talks to Kaitlin Fritz (COO) and Olga Kravchenko (CEO) – co-founders of the VR edtech startup Musemio that is set to make children’s arts & cultural education accessible. Olga and Kaitlin discuss their entrepreneurial journeys, what it’s like to be young international female co-founders in the tech startup world, and the importance of finding your foil. 

Musemio has won numerous highly-regarded awards such as the £10,000 UCL Launch Award and Queen Mary’s Engagement and Enterprise Awards for social impact, and it has been named UCL’s ‘Most Promising Startup’ at the 2019 UCL Awards for Innovation and Enterprise. The startup secured over £30,000 in funding, from angel investment and being in Bethnal Green Ventures.

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Connect with Kaitlin: LinkedIn; Kaitlin’s talk at 2019’s Laidlaw Conference “Leadership in Entrepreneurship”

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