In this episode of The Good Leader podcast, Charlie Bingham – an Archaeology student and Laidlaw Scholar at the University at York – about what motherhood taught her about leadership, her research, and imposter syndrome.

This our first Scholar Spotlight episode – a rubric of The Good Leader podcast dedicated to exploring the research and leadership journeys of our brilliant & diverse Laidlaw Scholars. How is their research helping us make the planet a better place for everyone? Which challenges have they faced throughout the process, and what have they learnt? How are they embracing the Laidlaw values of being ambitious, brave, curious, determined, extraordinary, and fast?

To stand in for the first Laidlaw value – ambitious – we have Charlie Bingham who is a mature Archaeology student and Laidlaw Scholar at the University of York. We explore how being a single mother of two wonderful sons helped her become a better leader and how she is learning to overcome imposter syndrome while conducting research into ancient plant DNA. 

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