October 28, 2019.

New Columbia Business School dean and David and Lyn Silfen Professor of Business, Costis Maglaras, has made diversity, equity, and inclusion a top priority. “My vision is an inclusive, supportive culture that lifts up voices that have historically been underrepresented in business—and to provide post-graduation support to help them reach the C-suite. Our first step is to ensure that the School is financially accessible for all who wish to study here.” Inaugural Vice Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business, Gita Johar, concurs. “I will focus on enhancing and expanding our gender and diversity initiatives. We must take a cohesive, consistent approach to achieve the best outcomes.”

Columbia Business School is partnering with the Laidlaw Foundation to attract the highest caliber women who might not otherwise be able to afford a top-tier business education. In fall 2020, the Foundation’s generosity will enable the Business School to assist approximately 50 outstanding female scholars. Beyond receiving tuition relief, they will be welcomed into the Laidlaw Columbia Business Scholars community, a network of almost 300 existing awardees of the Lord Irvine A.S. Laidlaw ’65 Scholarship. 

The Laidlaw Scholarship is a critical part of the School’s drive to matriculate those who may not have previously been able or even envisioned going to business school, and support them on their path to the board room. Breaking down barriers is also the motivation behind the sponsorship of Lord Irvine Laidlaw ’65, chairman of the Laidlaw Foundation and a dedicated graduate of the School. “Unfortunately, many women reach a glass ceiling, particularly in the corporate world. I am deeply committed to helping more of them break through by expanding access to the best business education.”

The School and Foundation share a vision in which there is no bias hindering the professional success of any individual, up to the highest levels of business and across all industries. Susanna Kempe, chief executive of the Laidlaw Foundation, is a passionate advocate for this future. “Our aim is to achieve greater gender parity on executive and non-executive boards by fueling female scholars with the education, resources, and network to drive real change.”

Applications are due no later than April 10, 2020 for fall 2020 enrollment. 

Additional information about Columbia Business School’s MBA admissions can be found here.

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