Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The Laidlaw Foundation is deeply committed to maximising the impact of our established educational programmes through targeted investment. As a result, we do not offer direct funding, grants, or sponsorships to projects outside of these established programmes. We do not provide funding to individuals, including for Masters or PhD studies.
No. We, the Laidlaw Foundation based in the UK, are not affiliated with the Laidlaw Foundation based in Toronto, Canada. While we share a similar name, our organisations are independent and operate separately with distinct missions and programmes.
The Laidlaw Foundation is a small, dedicated team focused on maximising impact through our educational initiatives. This means we channel most of our resources directly towards supporting those programmes, and as a result, permanent job openings are infrequent.

However, we do occasionally have short-term or contractual opportunities available. We also welcome inquiries from individuals interested in collaborating with us on specific initiatives.

If you’d like to be considered for future opportunities or collaborations, please send your CV and a brief statement of interest to contact@laidlawfoundation.com. We’ll keep your information on file and reach out if a suitable opportunity arises.
The Laidlaw Foundation is solely dedicated to transforming lives through education. While Lord Laidlaw generously supports other initiatives, such as the Laidlaw Opera Trust, these are separate entities and operate independently from the Laidlaw Foundation. 
The Laidlaw Foundation is primarily funded by Lord Laidlaw, allowing us to focus our resources on directly supporting our educational programmes. While we do not actively solicit donations from the public, we are always open to exploring partnerships with like-minded organisations and foundations who share our commitment to education.

Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme

Absolutely. The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme welcomes applications from students of all nationalities and backgrounds. The primary eligibility requirement is your year of study within your degree programme, as the programme spans approximately 20 months. 

Please note that international scholars may need to obtain a visa to attend the annual conference in person.
Not at all. The Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme welcomes students from all academic disciplines. While our founder, Lord Laidlaw’s surname might lead to this humorous misconception, the programme isn’t just for future lawyers. We believe effective leadership transcends any single field of study. Whether you’re passionate about the sciences, the arts, engineering, or anything in-between, your unique perspective is valued in our diverse community.
Yes, the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership & Research Programme is fully funded, providing a stipend for the research project and covering the costs of the Leadership in Action project. Stipends and funded projects are designed to cover living expenses during these periods. 

The stipend, as well as the funding for accommodation, travel, and other costs, varies by university. Please contact your university’s Laidlaw team for detailed information about the financial support available at your institution.
We are always excited to explore partnerships with universities that share our commitment to cultivating ethical leaders and fostering impactful research. Please encourage your university’s President or Vice Chancellor to contact us at contact@laidlawfoundation.com to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner university.
We are always excited to explore partnerships with organisations that align with our mission to empower young leaders and drive positive change. If your non-profit or NGO is interested in hosting Laidlaw Scholars for Leadership in Action projects, please contact us at contact@laidlawfoundation.com with information about your organisation and the types of projects you envision.

We seek Leadership in Action projects that offer a tailored experience designed to nurture the leadership development of Laidlaw Scholars. Ideal projects centre on genuine collaboration with communities, address their needs, and foster long-term sustainable impact. We carefully assess all potential projects to ensure they align with our ethical standards and do not perpetuate harmful neocolonialist dynamics.
Each university manages its Laidlaw Programme independently, including the application and selection process. We don’t have access to individual application details at the Laidlaw Foundation. To find the most accurate information about your application, please reach out directly to your university’s Laidlaw Programme team. 
Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the Laidlaw Scholars Network, where Scholars share their experiences through posts, projects, and profiles. Many Scholars include their contact details, allowing you to reach out directly. Additionally, your university’s Laidlaw Programme team can connect you with current or past Scholars.

Women in Business Laidlaw Scholarships

Each of our partner business schools has its own specific application process and requirements. Please visit your chosen school’s Laidlaw Scholarship page or contact their admissions team directly for detailed information on the application components and deadlines.
Each of our partner schools independently manages its Laidlaw Scholarship application and selection process. We do not track individual applications at the Laidlaw Foundation. For the most up-to-date information on your application, please reach out directly to the admissions team at the business school you applied to.
The Scholarship offers both half and full tuition coverage, depending on individual circumstances and the specific partner school. Additionally, some qualifying students may receive a living stipend of approximately £10,000 per year to help with expenses during their programme. Details vary by school.

Laidlaw Scholars Ventures

Laidlaw Scholars from both the undergraduate Leadership & Research Programme and the Women in Business Laidlaw Scholarship are eligible to apply immediately after graduation. This includes Scholars who founded a company, co-founded a company, or hold a key leadership role in a company with at least 10% equity ownership.
To be eligible for funding, a venture must have a Laidlaw Scholar involved as either a founder or co-founder of the company, or as a key member of the senior team with at least 10% equity ownership.
Like any VC firm, we are looking for companies that uniquely solve a problem, have identified a viable product or service and can evidence a market for it. Critically, we are looking for strong leadership who embody our Laidlaw values.

Companies must sign the “Good Business Checklist”. This helps us ensure that we are investing in companies that not only demonstrate strong financial viability and market potential but also share our commitment to ethical leadership, social impact, and building a better world. This holistic approach ensures we invest in businesses that have the potential to achieve both financial success and meaningful social impact.

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