Bite Back 2030 launches a daily cook-along series, Cook with Jack, to show children how to prepare quick, tasty and affordable lunches, sponsored by the Laidlaw Foundation.

May 11, 2020

Cook With Jack will be shown every school day at 12pm live on YouTube. Viewers will learn how to prepare lunch using special weekly £15 shopping lists, developed in partnership with School Food Matters. Chef Jack will have fun rustling up simple meals that can be made in around 20 minutes
using only basic equipment.

The cook-along is being launched by Bite Back 2030 in the wake of the regular publication of simple shopping lists and accompanying meal ideas, pulled together to provide some help to families with putting healthy food on the table.

The aim is to encourage pupils to be active in the kitchen, learning some new skills whilst staying at home.

About the Chef

Jack Deane is a chef at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School. He is volunteering his time for Bite Back 2030 and presenting the cook alongs live from his kitchen at home in West Sussex. He says:

“Teaching people to cook, getting everyone inspired about the importance of healthy food, and getting you excited by the joys of tasty food is literally my job, my hobby, and my passion! So working with Bite Back 2030 is fantastic! This is a great opportunity to get kids into the kitchen, build confidence in some key life skills, and support families in providing simple yet nutritious lunches. It’s a lot of fun so I hope lots of you will join us every weekday at 12pm!”

Jack will be cooking using only ingredients from the Bite Back 2030 shopping list, price-checked to come within the £15 weekly free school
meals budget at a national mid-range supermarket.

He will show how to create simple meals that can be made with minimal prep time and equipment whilst meeting the requirements of the School Food Standards.

Christina Adane, aged 16 is Co-Chair of the Bite Back Youth Board:

“We hope Cook with Jack will be useful, not just to young people but to parents and carers too, giving them a small helping hand while they do the best they can for their families. Older siblings can cook with younger members of the family, and you could even be making lunch for Mum – win some brownie points! Happy cooking!”

The initiative is being supported by the Laidlaw Foundation, an organisation that invests in the education of the underprivileged and underrepresented in order to break the cycle of poverty. Susanna Kempe, CEO says:

“Good health is fundamental to good learning. In normal times, we ensure our pupils have tasty, nutritious school meals. To turn a £15 shopping voucher for the week into daily healthy eating is not easy; especially in lockdown. That’s why we are delighted to help BiteBack 2030 share their expertise and motivate children and young people to cook their way to good health.”

Getting involved is simple. Just use the weekly shopping list then join Jack for a lunchtime cook-along at 12.00 each school day. You can find everything you need at

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