Laidlaw Schools Trust (LST), a multi-academy trust in the North East of England, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicola Palmarini as its newest trustee, effective February 2023. 

As the current Director of UK’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), Palmarini brings with him a wealth of expertise that aligns closely with LST’s mission and vision of providing an inclusive and innovative education for all children in the region. Having held leadership positions in the fields of artificial intelligence and innovation, Palmarini’s vast experience will be instrumental in supporting LST’s efforts to provide a forward-thinking and adaptive education model that prepares pupils for the challenges of the future. 

Prior to joining NICA, he was the Head of AI for Healthy Ageing at IBM Research and AI Ethics Lead and Research Manager at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, an academic-industry partnership for the responsible advancement of artificial intelligence. He is also an author, teacher, and applied research scientist, and his teams’ work has been awarded the Computer Honors Award, the United Nations for Aging Initiative, the Disability Matters – Market Place Award, and the SilverEco Global award. 

Speaking about his appointment, Palmarini said, “I am incredibly honoured and delighted to join the Laidlaw School Trust. This is an extraordinary opportunity for me to help inspire children to become active, responsible and successful global citizens and to become ambassadors of an intergenerational dialogue that is today more necessary than ever in light of the demographic revolution that we are actors in and witnesses to.”

Susanna Kempe, Chair of the Laidlaw Schools Trust, said, “We are thrilled and very grateful that Nicola is joining LST’s Board. He is an international tech guru, exceptional innovator, deeply committed to social change, based in Newcastle. Education needs bold and brilliant thinkers who care deeply. Nic epitomises that.”

About the Laidlaw Schools Trust 

Laidlaw Schools Trust is a growing multi-academy trust based in North East England that transforms the lives of children and communities through inspirational education. Founded in 2008, we now have eight nursery, primary and secondary academies in Newcastle, Sunderland and Sedgefield. Working in partnership with children, their families and the wider community, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for each child, irrespective of ability or background. We empower them to believe in themselves and to embrace the future as active, respectful and responsible citizens.